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What is Onyx?

Onyx is actually a type of oxide mineral that has dominant silica ingredients. The stone itself is famous for beautiful, silky luster that also looks vitreous if the stone is already treated and polished. Black colored onyx is of course the most famous and sought out variant, but usually onyx has colored bands, including the one with red bands called sardonyx. These colored bands make the onyx stone unique.


What is Onyx Quarry?

An onyx quarry is nothing more than a mine for Onyx stone. Method of production in our onyx quarry is a Mechanized System by diamond wire Machines to ensure best quality


How is Onyx exported from Iran?

Most of the Onyx found in Iran are exported directly to other countries with ships from Bandar Abbas port in form of containers. There are many ocean freight services which transport this material across the Indian and Atlantic Ocean from Persian Gulf. Next they are distributed from the port to several different warehouses and wholesalers via freight forwarders.

Mostly Travertine blocks are exported to neighbor countries by Truck especially to Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Bulgaria.



Which colors do Onyx come in?

Some of the most popular colors are Pink, Black, White, Green, Blue and Red. Combinations of these colors are also possible. Colors variations and color name variations are quite common within the Onyx industry i.e. Cream, Cappuccino, Honey.

What finish is applied to Onyx Products?
Onyx products usually have only one finishing process which is Polishing.

Polished: A shiny, mirror-like finish resulting from filling the pores of the rough saw-cut surface through treating and grinding the surface using some polishing abrasive stones.
Marble, Limestone & Granite slabs are polished by large polishing machines, which progressively grind the rough saw-cut surface giving it a spectacular mirror-like finish.


How thick is an Onyx Tile?

A standard Onyx tile is 1.8 to 2 cm thick.


What Onyx Tile sizes are most popular?

The most popular sizes which are processed in our factories are: 30x60, 40x60, 40x40 and 60 x 60 centimeters as well as slabs.

What is an Onyx slab?

Onyx slabs refer to large pieces of Onyx. Onyx slabs are usually 2-5 cm (centimeters) thick. The width of a slab is up to 67", the length of an onyx slab is up to 115". Onyx slabs are usually exported by the bundle.


What are the most popular uses of Onyx?

Onyx is also treated as a gemstone and it has been used as a jewelry item by individuals. It provides people with sharper senses. It brings about a great background and makes other shades more worth watching. Black form of Onyx blends wonderfully with other combinations of lighter shades. And moreover it can be easily cut into different sizes and shapes. So Onyx can definitely get a great rapport for its immense talents and friendliness to people.

The fact is that it is rarely found and is quite exotic and gives it an upper hand over other natural stones. People wish to possess all, that is exotic and rare to find and hence this natural stone has made quite impact on everyone.

Onyx marble has lots of uses. The most common onyx uses are for the tops of tables, fireplaces, or as a small kitchen island. It can be used as cabochons, as well, and materials for construction. When used, onyx needs careful consideration in order to use it in residential areas. Consider your lifestyle and your conditions before buying onyx for your countertops or worktops.

Other uses of onyx are wall panels, home floors, tables, and sink base. Onyx can be used as a novelty item. These items include vases, wine goblets, urns, bowls and lamps. It has incredible uses wherein it can accent the stone. It can be utilized with lights and back lightings in order to attract more attention to the transparent qualities of the stone. Onyx is available in a tile shape and large slabs for more style and flair.

If colors within the onyx is visible, you need to know that they can be dyed. Onyx can be dyed easily. Therefore, if there is rare colored onyx, like bright blue, neon pink and all other unusual colors, you need to be extra careful. Sardonyx is the onyx with colored red and white bands. Onyx is the range of the black agate. There are parts of onyx that are more translucent, while some are less translucent. It is heated in order to intensify the color of the onyx.

Onyx can be completed with a surface that is polished, just like a marble. It has a reflective and silken base finish, which deepens the color of the stone and the contrasts. It can also have a dull surface finish that is honed. The finish is like a low-sheen finish. However, this finish is not reflective and glossy, unlike the polished finish. If there is any surface finish you desire, please contact us to discuss your project, where we can recommend the material's suitability.

However, if you know how to take care of the stone, you will admire the stone much longer. The appearance of the stone has a unique style. If you cautious with onyx uses and take care of it, then you will love it for years to come.

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